It's my awkward charm

Yes, I am English. Hence my crappy sense of sarcastic humor and my love of classic literature. .... But mainly I am Roisin and yes movies have eluded my sense of judgement. I am romantic. I am arty. I am naive. And that is the way I like it. I write a lot of pointless posts displaying my very hypocritical emotions. You'll soon understand me.... I promise

  • To the exam board who robbed me of my 6 points…

    I have just received my remark on my R.E paper… my teacher warned me that i may only get a few extra points or some points could be taken from me, so not enough to push me up to A*, but I still wanted to take the remark just in-case.

    Today, My teacher rang my home number (as I being ill have stayed at home… to weak to go out side.) and told my mother how I had been awarded marks, enough marks to push me up to that A*!!!! 

    Which just proves that the last examiner had robbed me of that grade boundary…


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